Create A Life Of Miracles NOW

Learn How to Create a Intentional Life By Design & Live with Purpose, Confidence & Miracles

Beginning May 19, 2019


Miracle Maker & Mentor

Create A Life Of Miracles NOW

Learn How to Create a Intentional Life By Design Full of Purpose, Confidence & Miracles

Beginning May 19, 2019


Miracle Maker & Mentor

If you are anything like me, you want to lead a joyful, fulfilling and purposeful life.


The only real question is HOW?


When I was working for someone else in corporate finance, all I could think about was escaping. I craved a life and work of more MEANING.


I wanted something different- a life with more purpose and possibility- but didn’t know how to get there. I felt stuck.


How about you? Do you ever feel like the life you’re living just isn’t what you imagined it would be?

Do you feel like an intentional life that matches your expectations of meaning, freedom and abundance is just so far away from what you are living?

I'm a Miracle Maker and Mentor

and I want you to know that life

DOES NOT have to be so hard.

Your life can be full of

and learn to live with:

You can design your life to be exactly as you want it to be.

You do not need to wait for the “perfect circumstances” to go after your dream.

You don’t need to wait until you have more money, more education, more time, retirement or a relationship to live a life of joy, meaning and freedom. 

You can create a beautiful life full of miracles and all that your heart desires on your terms, starting today.

Making miracles happen is not about changing anything around you. Miracles come to you because you DECIDE to CREATE THEM.

Miracles can happen for you right now. Let me show you how.



    Who Is This For?

    Creating a Life of Miracles course and mentorship program is for anyone who is looking to get unstuck, tune into their heart and make the impossible possible.

    It is for the person who is tired of waiting for their life to change and is ready to design it themselves.

    It is for the person who is ready to create an intentional life of purpose and meaning.

    It is for people who are ready to take back their life-- who crave empowerment and freedom.

    This program will help you figure out what you really want and what is holding you back from getting it.


    Does this sound like you:

    • You want to make a change but don’t know what it should be.

    • You aren’t really sure exactly what your purpose is, but you know you could be doing more.

    • You have a hard time hearing your own inner guidance.

    • You have had “success” in various fields but none of them felt like your heart’s desire.

    • You struggle with having “enough” - time, money, joy- and don’t want to struggle anymore.

    • You crave alone time to connect with yourself and what you really want.

    • You can’t seem to find the time in your busy schedule for rest, vacation or relaxation for YOU.

    • Your Inner Guide keeps telling you to do something- to go bigger and put yourself out there- but you are afraid of your own imperfection and what others may think of you.

    • You often feel held back by what others may think.

    • You have waited a long time for the miracles to come and they just don’t seem to come no matter what you do.


    Then the Creating a Life of Miracles course is for you.  




    Don’t take my word for it.  
    ​Hear what past miracle makers have to say.

    I have known Nicole for over 10 years – she is a super intelligent, influential woman with whom you should connect.  Her leadership qualities are what attracted me to her in the first place, and because of her I became a yoga teacher. Since then, my life and business were forever changed for the better. I have been able to infuse all of me into my business, and finally feel like I am on the path with my purpose.  


    -Elinor Cohen, The Just Me Company

    “The Creating Miracles course can be seen as a turning point in my life in terms of how think today vs previously. Nicole has a way of teasing out the excuses, beliefs that no longer serve, true motivations - and getting to the heart of the matter very quickly with a lot of compassion. Once I got clarity on what it was that was preventing me from acting in alignment with what served me there was no turning back. Today, I am able to question deep rooted assumptions and knee jerk reactions, to allow the space needed to make better choices..”   


    Sharon Resheff

    Founder of Sharon Resheff Consulting

    “With her profound yet simple and compassionate approach,  Nicole has the gift to combine intuition with insight and meet  you right where you are. With her clear step by step approach she will unfold your map, paving the way for you to reach your goal.  Nicole councils in a practical, grounded and all  encompassing manner. I experienced transformation all the way – starting from the inside out!”


    Talyah Donker

    Founder of Wombodhi

    “Every day there is a reason to write in my miracle journal. I'm challenges my beliefs and making a habit of owning what I can change while accepting the flow of universe and what it brings me in new awareness. That's a miracle all by itself.”  


    - Samantha Wellman,
    Creating a Life of Miracles January 2019


    Real Life Miracle Making

    The bottom line is this:


    When you understand how making miracles works, you will cultivate such deep trust, confidence and belief in yourself that your intentional dreams will inevitably BEGIN unfolding NOW.



    Enrollment closes on May 6th. Sessions begin on May 19th, 2019

    • Creating a Life of Miracles is a 6-week commitment from

      May 19- June 30, 2019. ​

    • You receive a weekly video training with worksheets of journaling & practice assignments that reinforce the concepts in the training.

    • You will get guidance and mentoring on these concepts through LIVE weekly 1-hour group coaching sessions with me. 

    • Two additional Live Q&A group sessions will be held to answer all your questions.  

    • See how these concepts work in your own life through 3 private One-on-One sessions with me. We will apply this process specifically to YOUR life so that you begin to MAKE MIRACLES NOW.




    Week 1: Why We Get Stuck & Getting Unstuck 

    Gain a deeper understanding of your “stories” and limiting beliefs and how they keep you stuck in your present circumstances. When these are transformed, a future of unlimited possibilities opens up for you.

    Week 2: Creating Intention For Your Future

    Without an intentional and purposeful vision for yourself and your life, the Universe cannot bring you the miracles you want. Learn how to get clear on your intention and begin to feel what it feels like to live as your future miracle-making and miracle-receiving self.

    Week 3: Calling in Your Miracle-Making Higher Self

    We never create miracles alone. Learn how to call on your Higher Self to co-create the miraculous reality you desire with you. There is a force so much more powerful than each of us as individuals. When we learn to call upon it, we tap into the most powerful tool of miracle making.

    Week 4: Overcoming Obstacles to Receiving Miracles: Opening your Heart, Forgiving & Loving Yourself

    Guilt, shame, blame, “shoulds”, “coulds” creates a serious lack of compassion for ourselves and never helps us to make miracles. To become a true miracle maker, you must learn to forgive and love yourself exactly as you are today. I will teach you how to do this in a deeper way than you have before. Once you do, you become a miracle magnet and all the miracles will be attracted right to you.

    Week 5: The Practice of Intentional Miracle Making​

    Learn that miracle-making is a practice that you can do again and again.

    Week 6: Endless Miracle-Making Possibilities

    When you become skilled in this process, the opportunities for miracle-making are endless. Learn how to tap into the power of what others call the “Law of Attraction” or “Manifestation” to make miracles regularly.





    Why I created the

    Creating A Life of Miracles Program

    I know what it’s like to struggle. I did it for a really long time - in my personal life, career and all my relationships.  


    Disappointment after disappointment, I thought the Universe was against me.


    “Is this all there is?” I wondered, falling into a victim trap from which I could find no escape.


    Luckily, after about a decade of the Universe not going “my” way, I hit a bottom and asked for help.


    I met a mentor who guided me to finally see how I was blinding myself through a combination of self-will, expectations and a lot of resistance.


    She taught me how to work with the Universe to let it BRING me gifts instead of struggling so hard to make things go my way. I learned a new way of living-- one based on simple Universal principles that WORK, if you let them...


    My perspective began to change. Slowly, I began to open my eyes to the amazing miracles that were all around me. I saw one miracle, then a few more… Soon, the miracles began to multiply and multiply some more. Then they started coming and they wouldn’t stop!


    Suddenly my life was full of miracles not to mention a new career doing work I LOVE, fantastic relationships, a new sense of direction, true self confidence (at long last) and so much JOY.


    How come I hadn’t known all of this before? Making miracles was so EASY!  I felt like I found the KEY to the UNIVERSE.


    Still, people I knew and loved were struggling. I thought, this must be shared.


    So, I mapped out the step by step process I had used to make my miracles; a process that I have taught my clients, so that they can recognize life’s challenges, as well as their own resistance, to quickly turn it around.


    Are you ready to bring about your own miracles?  

    If so, then I hope you’ll join me in this course. Creating an intentional life full of miracles is easy. I will show you how!

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